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Height: 565
Hash: 13ae25c106ed2c0e3fecd30327e540966697dbc6c2ed4052e7c4b0fbe9cf1f02
Previous block: 3f4f60d898e23840690ce2ad2a54d515d1a17adddcb6f6058fbf3e5e20edaec4
Next block: 14aac7aa76d3a848837a164dacdfa4bfdd0343a86628bbfab55de3d7457a3874
Weight: 948
Versionhex: 20000000
Version: 536870912
Time: 1564711423
Stripped size: 228
Size: 264
Nonce: 0
Merkle root: 921b6429512aff5d9732d9430ed33ad43cb7d4952b35d3deeeda19f633669f49
Median time: 1564711422
Difficulty: 4.656542373906925e-10
Confirmations: 39
Chainwork: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000046c
Bits: 207fffff