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Height: 555
Hash: 25f7c642c7d4b02f8f4f8611074ac1e28892b911eb2e8297631a96324afc4259
Previous block: 798391bcd225055eb1310c7d8c3991b1c252e68e86e1df270098bdf53b193dfd
Next block: 01fd5c603c4d971388e7bbbe88f87d27eb8bd30cb02ae913dbb300e4b4e85445
Weight: 948
Versionhex: 20000000
Version: 536870912
Time: 1564711421
Stripped size: 228
Size: 264
Nonce: 0
Merkle root: 4c39294bbc3e5935d3ffce6b266ab0ceeadbaccd3e3035d620924d296f095acf
Median time: 1564711421
Difficulty: 4.656542373906925e-10
Confirmations: 49
Chainwork: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000458
Bits: 207fffff