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Height: 1557
Hash: 5d287edde5169fa3e9e40abb47e8b168b48aef3128b8c60dceb27ad7b8f1b871
Previous block: 06ed7d68e97fce7b4e5924fb339b9d4f60e221247c89382300e001639d0ff2e2
Next block: 67cd392172c8a087be44ae7d995ab0fee0924170987a73944ecb8974454e9618
Weight: 908
Versionhex: 20000000
Version: 536870912
Time: 1708932129
Stripped size: 218
Size: 254
Nonce: 0
Merkle root: 3a0adffea459c3616eeb2de73829ad12ffeb42b1a809c06ade76fab67107a7da
Median time: 1708932128
Difficulty: 4.656542373906925e-10
Confirmations: 52
Chainwork: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000c2c
Bits: 207fffff