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Height: 1565
Hash: 62adad5bc09ad1fe06809d6720ba7ebd961e34f105998860af19181bb2e01b5d
Previous block: 427d34527224e7be5c236068c4f227015ea433c6da0e1a08f1b687d31f0108c5
Next block: 39833970ea9e9681b039accdc6f87a705f6a44f239ca0b4d8b7570d9a6ddd1b2
Weight: 908
Versionhex: 20000000
Version: 536870912
Time: 1708932130
Stripped size: 218
Size: 254
Nonce: 3
Merkle root: 672b447d58300dab64a575945e639b54a2abbd50473c1499f2a4e520025d582e
Median time: 1708932129
Difficulty: 4.656542373906925e-10
Confirmations: 44
Chainwork: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000c3c
Bits: 207fffff